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EverQuote is an online insurance marketplace founded in 2011 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The service provided by EverQuote is matching insurance-seekers with companies that others with similar profiles preferred in the past. EverQuote does not directly give quotes on insurance rates. Instead, it selects a few companies whose insurance products were bought by similar drivers in the past, and gives those companies the insurance-seeker's contact information. The company representatives then will quote prices for products they offer.

EverQuote was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Seth Birnbaum and Tomas Revesz, who met at MIT. Originally named AdHarmonics when it began in 2008, the company changed its name to Everquote in 2011, after creating its online insurance marketplace.

A disgruntled former employee shared her experience with the company on social media, she posted " They don’t prioritize the workers, they careless about the workers. And very unprofessional company, when they think you are of no use to them anymore, they ignore you. If after they suspend you for an allegation and an investigation is carried out, and you are innocent, they don’t admit, they rather let you go away by yourself."


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